With intention, care, and skill, Aurora worked with Round House Theatre as we produced a play about meditation and mindfulness. Her empathy and openness proved invaluable tools as we delved deeper into this world. She donated her time and talent with the utmost generosity, whether leading our cast through mindfulness exercises, answering questions, or helping connect us to other practitioners. Her presence truly enriched our production, enhancing its authenticity and introducing us to a world we knew nothing about! We’re so incredibly grateful to have her as part of our community.

— Gabrielle Hoyt, Literary Manager, Round House Theatre


Aurora leads mindfulness meditations with a soothing voice and calming presence. Her words focus on the basics -- being in touch with what is going on in your body, your mind, and your senses, and accepting whatever comes up without judgment. At the same time, she has a charismatic quality that draws you in. She is perfect for beginners who want to start with a solid grounding and an affirming experience. But returning students will continue to find her classes rewarding.

— Michael R.


Aurora is the reason why I’ve stuck to my meditation practice as long as I have. I first began attending her guided meditation sessions in 2014 primarily to relieve stress. Before meditating with Aurora, I had preconceived notions of what meditation was “supposed to be”, such as having to sit in a certain position -- preferably on a secluded mountaintop somewhere – and completely emptying the mind of thought…and eventually reaching some sort of enlightenment or nirvana. Not many of us have the luxury of retreating to a mountain or another exotic locale to be able to reap the benefits of mediation. Aurora has taught me that, actually, you don’t have to.

She’s made meditation accessible for me and many others who live busy and hectic lives. With her guidance, I’ve come to realize I can achieve peace and ease that comes with mediation even in the midst of chaos because that ease and peace reside within me. I can access it at any time from any location.

 There aren’t any “shoulds” or “shouldn’ts” in Aurora’s approach to meditation. From the first time you attend a session with her, you are in the driver’s seat and you own your practice. There isn’t a certain way to sit or practice meditation with her: you make yourself physically comfortable, so your mind can be free to observe and take in the experiences as they arise…moment by moment. You are not asked to empty your mind; just simply observe and acknowledge the thoughts and feelings that come up throughout your practice in a non-judgmental way. There isn’t a destination or goal; just the experience itself – however it unfolds on any given day – is mediation. This “permission” to not have to make anything happen coupled with Aurora’s beautifully soothing voice and nurturing way she holds the space for you take you to another dimension. You emerge from it feeling present, grounded, and recharged. What a gift to give yourself!

— Afa Alizada


Aurora is a very nurturing and gifted mindfulness teacher. I first came to her meditation class seeking a way to manage my generalized anxiety. Up to that point, I experienced a near constant tightness in my chest and seemingly inescapable worry on a daily basis. It was affecting the quality of my work and personal life.

I found Aurora’s “intro to meditation” class and decided to give it a try. She is very conscious about providing a warm and inviting space for her students. She invites each person to “check in” with themselves and explore how they are feeling. They can share as much or as little as they feel comfortable doing. This actually begins the meditation for each person as they focus on what they feel in the present moment. She then leads the session, gently guiding each student with her absolutely soothing tone of voice. She ends the session with another check in. When she does this, the students typically share how relaxed or calm they feel compared to the beginning of the class.

By the end of my first class with, I felt that I had found a safe space. I was able to experience a very temporary, but much appreciated sense of peace in those first few classes. I became a regular attendee of her classes, learning invaluable tools that have brought me out of a dark place. With practice, those temporary feelings of peace began to last longer over time.

Almost one year later, I currently feel much more at ease with myself and the world around me. I still experience anxiety, but I can manage my symptoms and find that sense of calm and balance before things feel overwhelming. Life feels so much better after learning these mindfulness tools. For anyone who suffers, or is just curious about the practice, I highly recommend Aurora.

— Jesse Cipala


At the age of 56 I faced the biggest challenge of my life, full spinal fusion of 14 levels to correct scoliosis and spinal degeneration. The recovery I faced was a year of opiate drugs, constant pain, weakness and mood swings. Before the 9 hour surgery it was suggested to me that I try meditation to help with the pain and anxiety during the recovery. I contacted Aurora and she was willing to work with me individually in my home as I could not travel. I found that our work together helped me to minimize my pain level and helped to relax my constant state of “guarding”. Our sessions were a highlight of my week and were a key part of my recovery. Aurora was so kind and gentle when I was at my most vulnerable.

Almost 2 years later I still use the techniques that we worked on together.

— Stacy S.